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I have inherited some code which uses uses the LinkedIn Company Profile API. At least that's what I think it is. Basically a script tag is rendered in the following format:

<script type="IN/CompanyProfile" data-id="9999" data-format="click"></script>

This together with .js file creates a link with the Linked-in logo which when clicked on reveals profile of company. Question is, can I customize the link. I want to add some text to the right of the linked in logo. I couldn't find any relevant documentation on it. I added a span tag with some text and attempted to wire up the click of the span, so that when clicked it clicks the linkedin icon. That doesn't seem to work-- which I found rather odd.

Any thoughts?

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The Company Profile plugin builder is here: https://developer.linkedin.com/plugins/company-profile-plugin

Customization of this plugin is limited to width (using data-width) at this time because of the complex layout. However, you could build something similar using the Javascript API if you need something more customized to your system.

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How to increase the width of the Infollowing Count button width programatically for iPhone.I want to have that Button in my viewController(i.e,on my iPhone screen i want the button like facebook follow and twitter follow(standard buttons)),Now i am seeing count button will open in native browser and that too visibly small width and height.Please post the needful.

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