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What is the difference between these two ways of saving data in CakePHP

$this->request->data['User']['status'] = 'Active';

$this->User->saveField('status', 'Active');
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you cannot compare the two. for the first you should add $this->Model->save() for the question to make any sense. –  mark Feb 29 '12 at 21:19

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$this->request->data['User']['status'] = 'Active';

It means you will call save() or saveAll() after. Those methods will check the validity of the data.

$this->User->saveField('status', 'Active');

There is no data validation and you need to set the $this->User->id before calling saveField.

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Thanks for the information. –  Cameron Feb 29 '12 at 21:38

The difference is that this line of code isn't actually saving any data:

$this->request->data['User']['status'] = 'Active';

It's just changing a field on that model.

If you were to update that field and then do $this->User->save(), you would save the entire model (including the field you just changed).

When you use $this->Model->saveField(field,value) you're actually updating the datasource with the new field value for the currently loaded model.

You may want to use saveField() in situations where you have not loaded all data fields and using save() will fail validation or overwrite existing values with empty/null values.

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