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I have an issue on writing a file to a windows directory and would like some suggestions on how to approach and solve this.

I have a java web application that will sit on a server (tomcat), and will want to write a file (.html) to a certain windows directory. The directory is using LDAP/Windows AD and whoever has the credentials can access the directory.

I have a robotic ID already, user:pass to use with the java application to write the file to the directory.

My question is how would I go about this? I was thinking when the web app invokes a servlet, the application will access the directory, and save it using

File testFile = new File("diskxx:/dir/dir1/letter.html");

I have no idea how to use the user:pass in Java to login and get to that directory. The user using the webpage would just have to click, send letter, and it will save the .html email sent to that directory.

Thanks for any suggestion/help

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You should check JaasLounge project, which supports Tomcat container.

There is also another document here, which provides a sample working client

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