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In my grails controller I am trying to use a SQL query to access a table as described in the two answers here:
Query using alias on column give an error
Hibernate criteria query

The answers use Hibernate.LONG to specify the type of the column. When I use Hibernate.LONG in my controller action I get the following error:

Stacktrace follows:
groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: Hibernate for class: org.example.Test.DashboardController

Searching google I see Hibernate.LONG used in many references, yet I can't discover how to enable it. What must I do to enable the use of Hibernate.LONG in my grails controller class? Using SpringSouce 1.3.7.

package org.example.Test

class DashboardController {
    def sessionFactory

    def testMysqlResult = {
        def session = sessionFactory.getCurrentSession()
        def query = session.createSQLQuery("SELECT * FROM MyTable")
            .addScalar("ID", Hibernate.INTEGER)
            .addScalar("NAME", Hibernate.STRING)
        println query
        [query: query]
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Looks like you're missing an import. Try adding import org.hibernate.Hibernate below the package org.example.Test

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Works correctly now. Thank you! –  Erik Feb 29 '12 at 21:45
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