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I'm playing around with MonoDevelop on Mint12 Linux and seem to be having problems with getting it to generate Makefiles. I create a new GTK# solution, test that it does indeed create a blank window when run, and then hit Project -> Generate Makefiles.

The following is the output in the Tool output window:

Generating Makefiles for Solution test2

Creating Makefile for Solution test2

Creating Makefile for Project test2

Makefiles could not be generated: . Cannot handle unknown runtime version ClrVersion.'Net_4_0'.

any help finding a solution to this would be appreciated. My ultimate goal is to figure out the process involved in generating a .DEB file.

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You installed the IDE, but not all the development tools. Go into Mint's package manager and install this:

mono-complete: This is a metapackage and pulls in the Mono runtime, development tools and all libraries.

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