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I need custom grid behavior on client side: on press Add button, grid create new row in InLine mode, and on press Add2 button, grid create new row in InForm mode, with additional functionality. I add new custom command in toolbar and call javascript function Add2, where try change grid edit mode. But edit mode not changed, new row created in InLine mode. What I do wrong, and in general, is it possible?

<script type="text/javascript">
    function Add2() {
        var grid = $('#Property').data('tGrid');
        grid.editing.mode = 'InForm';

            //  skip
            .DataBinding(dataBinding =>
                    .Select("_PropertySelect", "Options", new { oid = "<#= OptionTypeID #>" })
                    //  skip
            .ToolBar(commands => 
                commands.Custom().Text("Add2").Url("javascript:void(0)").HtmlAttributes(new { onclick = "Add2()" });
            .Editable(editing => editing

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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This is not currently supported.

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