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I'm trying to make a multiplatform offline webapp using PhoneGap. I know my html and css, but I'm not altogether familiar with the full capabilities of JavaScript, and I've never made a webapp before, let alone tried to use phonegap to empower it.

Right now, I have the main index.html that phonegap sets up for you, but now I'm uncertain as to how to proceed. If I want a button to take the user to another page from the main page, should I make a second html file and literally link between them, or is this a lot more complex than that?

Also (get ready for a possibly epically stupid question from a total beginner):

Do web apps have to be online? I'm really not clear on whether they function like normal websites in which they need to be hosted on a server, or if they can be packaged up and downloaded just like normal native apps. Please help!


Oh, and btw, I'm working in Xcode with the phonegap addon thing....I'm trying to get it running on the iphone before I move on to android.

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In a typical web app, most of the time you would just need to create a link as you would if you were creating a link on a website. Also, Web apps can be developed via a local environment (research Mamp/ or Wamp) depending on the dependencies in which your app require.

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