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Not sure why this would not work. Shouldn't the index be returned and the loop stop. I only need to return the index of the first value that is true and then not return any others

var index = _.each([false, true, true],function(flag, index){
    if(flag){ return index }
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_.each calls the iterator function for every element in the array, no matter what you return. I think _.indexOf is what you are looking for.

var index = _.indexOf([false, true, true], true);
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_.each is just an iterator and won't return the index. To use it to find an index as you're trying to do, you would want to do something like:

var trueIndex = -1;

_.each([false, true, true],function(flag, index){
  if (trueIndex < 0 && flag) { 
    trueIndex = index;

if (trueIndex != -1) {

It's probably easier to just use a while loop, though:

var flags = [false, true, true]
var f, index = 0;

while(f = flags[index++]) {
  if (f) break;    

alert (index);
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and @Michael's indexOf solution is probably better than either. It's been around a while outside of underscore, too See:… – rjz Feb 29 '12 at 23:33

indexOf return only one value which is what you need :) However... you can use map with filter if you need all of them :D Maybe there is an easier solution...

_([false, true, true], function(obj, index){ if(obj)return index; })).filter(function(num, index){return num != undefined});

this returns an array: [1,2]

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