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I have a file in c:\temp directory named as [default].xml. When I issue command: get-childitem "c:\temp`[default].xml" in the powershell console, it returns me nothing. However if I issue this command: get-childitem "c:\temp*default].xml", it works as expected.

Why escape character on '[' is not working?

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See get-help about_wildcards

The [] are wildcard "globbing" operators. To use get-childitem on files that have those characters, use the -literalpath switch to disable wildcarding of the file spec:

get-childitem -literalpath "c:\temp[default].xml"

Alternatively, normal wildcarding still works in the .getfiles() method of a directoryinfo object:

(get-item c:\).getfiles("temp[default].*")
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Great response. Thank you! – jhy Mar 1 '12 at 14:53

You've got Microsoft official answer in an old Technet Windows PowerShell Tip of the Week.

You can use :

Get-ChildItem 'c:\temp\``[default``].xml'
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Your suggestion works too. Thanks for the link! – jhy Mar 1 '12 at 14:57

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