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If I set the color in the xml like such:

    android:background="@color/default_border_color" >

I get my color. If I do it in code:


The color is different. Are these methods the same?

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R.color.default_border_color is a resource integer in R file which is generated by android automatically, setBackgroundColor() expects a color integer, so you must convert it by calling getResources().getColor() method.



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That worked. Why do you have to do getResources()? –  skinnybrit51 Mar 1 '12 at 0:49

No they are not the same.

For the background the following are equivalent:


public void setBackgroundResource(int resid)

So you can set the background resource (drawable, color ..etc.) in either in xml or in the java code.

As for the backgroundcolor, there seems to be no xml attribute (such as android:backgroundcolor) but a public method:

public void setBackgroundColor (int color)
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