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Can you give me an example of how I test my service layer without the DAO using mock objects, Spring or any other framework. My Java code looks like this:

public int myServiceMethod(int number) {

    int myInt = Factory.getDAOImpl.getNumber();
    return myInt + number * 8;

I want to test the logic of myServiceMethod but without testing the DAO method. Is it possible? Do I have to refactor it? Can you show me an example of how to test this simple method. Thank you

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In your example, you would just need to mock your DAO (for example using Mockito), and fix a number to be returned.

DAOImpl myDao = mock(DAOImpl.class);

When calling the method getNumber, you'll always get 7. Pass this DAO when creating your service, and write your test as normal:

assertEquals(224, service.myServiceMethod(4));

I hope this helps!

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Since DAOImpl is a package-private class and it can be instanciated only through the factory, the compiler will complain. –  Oscar Mar 7 '12 at 21:24

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