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I am making a series of queries to get filtered variations of a queryset. Is there a simpler way to do this where I'm not hitting the DB 6 times and instead just using the initial call?

data['os']['today'] = Page.objects.all()
data['os']['pro'] = Page.objects.filter(premium_plan=PlanType.PRO).count()
data['os']['yesterday'] = Page.objects.filter(created__lt=within_last_day).count()
data['os']['week'] = Page.objects.filter(created__lt=within_last_week).count()
data['os']['new_pro'] = Page.objects.filter(upgrade__cancelled_date__isnull=True, upgrade__activated_date=within_last_day)
data['os']['new_top_pages'] = Page.objects.filter(created__gt=within_last_day).extra(select={'total_fans':'facebook_count + twitter_count'}, order_by=('-total_fans',))[:10]
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if you are getting all pages:

pages = Page.objects.all() # Page.objects.select_related() if we want filtering on related objects fields

Then you can fetching other types of pages without additional DB query:

# it will not call the database
data['os']['yesterday'] = pages.filter(created__lt=within_last_day).count()
data['os']['week'] = pages.filter(created__lt=within_last_week).count()

If you get a page through the filter method, subsequent calls to the filter will work with the first fetching set:

pages = Page.objects.filter(id__in=(1,2,3))  # we have pages in db with ids in 1,2,3,4,5
pages_additional = pages.filter(condition) #Here we are working with objects with ids 1,2,3

If at first you do not fetch all the records(Page.objects.all()), it is impossible to obtain additional data that were not included in the first fetching set without any additional queries.

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