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So I made a trie that holds quite a large amount of data, my search algorithm is quite fast but I wanted to see if anyone had any insight as to how I could make it any faster.

    bool search (string word)
    int wordLength = word.length();
    node *current = head;
    for (unsigned int i=0; i<wordLength; ++i)
            if (current->child[((int)word[i]+(int)'a')] == NULL)
                    return false;
                    current = current->child[((int)word[i]+(int)'a')];
    return current->is_end;
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Looks good performance-wise, except these tidbits:

  • Declare the function parameter as const string& (instead of just string), to avoid unnecessary copying.
  • You could extract the common subexpression current->child[((int)word[i]+(int)'a')] in front of the if, to avoid repetition and make the code slightly smaller, but any compiler worth its salt will do that optimization for you anyway.

"Style" suggestions:

  • What if word contains character below 'a' (such as capital letter, digit, punctuation mark, new line etc...)? You'll need to validate input to avoid accessing the wrong memory location and crashing. Also shouldn't this be -(int)'a' instead of + (I'm assuming you just want to support a limited set of characters: 'a' and above)?
  • Declare wordLength as size_t (or better yet auto), but this is not important for strings of any practical length (might even hurt the performance slightly if size_t is greater than int). Ditto for i.
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I use + (int) a because there are characters with values below a –  that_guy Mar 1 '12 at 3:34
@that_guy: in that case you shouldn't add anything to word[i]. Decide on the valid range, and (optionally) shift the range to start at 0 by subtracting the lowest value in the range from word[i]. –  tom Mar 1 '12 at 4:22
bool search (string word)

Calling this function, string word will be copied, type of function below will be faster.

bool search (const string &word)


bool search (const char *word)
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