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The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is now available. It is known that Silverlight will not run in metrostylemode, but with legacy/desktopmode it is working?

Anything unusual to keep in mind?

Are you able to access Silverlight applications?

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I don't think there was anything new posted to that effect (but then the story was already explained in Dev Preview). It basically works the way you describe in Beta.

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Microsoft keeps the important news til the last day. e.g. Silverlight will not work with ARM CPUs. –  Gero Mar 1 '12 at 10:19

(sorry for my bad english)

I have an medium sized SL5 LOB RIA Services app that runs OOB and it is working fine on windows 8 CP. The only thing that did not worked as I expected is that the on-screen keyboard do not show when I enter a text field. probably there is a way to p/invoke this but it would be nice if this happens by default.

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Apparently you can add a meta tag which causes the metro browser to prompt the user, but I have not yet tested.

Check out the following link:-


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