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I am developing an Android app, which requires the use of AsyncTask for Network connection. I have executed the doInBackground method and passed the return value to onPostExecute method. I want to return some value from onPostExecute method back to the function from which it is called(I knw, onPostExecute executes in the main thread). Is this possible? Is it like, onPostExecute return type must be void?? If not, what do u suggest?

Thanks in advance Maneesh

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If you want AsyncTask to return a value that would be captured directly, you need a blocking call, which defeats the purpose of AsyncTask.

What you should do is extend AsyncTask or wrap it, then create a field containing the value you wish to return, and set it from within onPostExecute. Then in your code, hold a reference to your AsyncTask and check that value once the task is finished.

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Thanks JRL..But what do u mean by wrapping AsyncTask..How do u do it? Can u elaborate in detail? – ManJan Apr 4 '12 at 5:11

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