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I'm writing a document-based Mac application that can open any type. My application receives dropped files of any type on its Dock tile successfully, but when I choose Open from the File menu, all files are grayed out.

It's the standard Open item that comes with the template; I haven't put anything special behind it.

Here's the relevant part of my Info.plist:

        <string>Any file</string>

I have a custom document controller; here's its implementation.

- (Class) documentClassForType:(NSString *)documentTypeName {
    return [MyDocument class];

- (NSString *) typeForContentsOfURL:(NSURL *)inAbsoluteURL error:(NSError **)outError {
    return @"Any file";

These methods are not called at any time unless I drop a file on the Dock tile.

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In your NSDocumentController subclass, override runModalOpenPanel:forTypes: and just call super with nil for the types array. That will enable all file names in the NSOpenPanel.

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