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I have a large matrix "dt" of emergency department visits over 2 months for a set of diagnosis codes. The columns are "age", "sex", "date", "county", "zip", "subjectid", "position", "diag", and "dt"; the dimensions are 872344 by 9.

I want to subset from this matrix and make a new matrix containing only those rows for which the "diag" column has a number between 800 and 849 (all columns).

I have been messing with building a loop and using "which" or "if.else" but I'm running into a mental block. It seems it would be easier if it was just ONE diag code that I wanted to pull out, but the series of 50 codes complicates things... pointing to a loop? Does anyone have ideas for how to subset based on finding certain values?

Here's my start (it didn't work):

dta = dt
b = 800:849
for (i in 1:length(b)) {

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Given your column names, I suspect your dt is a data.frame, not a matrix; something you can confirm by running is.data.frame(dt).

If it is the case, an easy way to filter your data is to use the subset function as follows:

dta <- subset(dt, diag >= 800 & diag <= 849)
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You are right- it is a dataframe. I guess I never understood the difference in R's language. Thank you! –  mEvans Mar 1 '12 at 3:17
dta = dt[dt[, 8] >= 800 & dt[, 8] <= 849, ]

ETA: Are you sure this is a matrix and not a data.frame? If it is a data.frame, you can do:

dta = dt[dt$diag >= 800 & dt$diag <= 849, ]
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