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All, I have a web app that streams audio in html5/javascript/css When I start it and select a stream, that stream plays as expected. When I attempt to switch from that stream to another url, the program gets to the point where the new url is bufferred, but nothing plays. I don't hear anything. Any idea what may be going on here? This behavior occurs on the actual smartphone device. It does not occur when I run the program in Chrome. Here's my code:

//global audio variable here
var audio = new Audio;
//Then within an function in the same jscipt file, I set the url. It's                  
//when this runs a second time with a different url that it stalls.
audio.setAttribute("src", "");
audio.setAttribute("src", result.rows.item(q).url_);
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After calling audio.load(); you need to call audio.play();

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