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I am building a Chrome extension that will require a user login.

I suppose I can have the user login and then give them a unique session key to store in their chrome extension localstorage[].

Is there anyway to tell if someone is trying to use someone else's session key on a different computer? Does Chrome have a unique variable somewhere I can access to tell that this wasn't the original chrome installation that was being used when the session key was created? (i.e. force re-login and invalidate the session-key)

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Chrome does not have a unique install key that is accessible through a JavaScript API. Instead you should authenticate users. Google Accounts through OpenId is a recommended method. You can ignore the parts specific to payment.

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I'm not sure what are your security requirements. But if you just want a very basic level to make a little bit harder to share the login key, than I guess you could do something like this:

  1. Create a unique random key for the user when he installs your extension.
  2. Store that key on the localStorage and then match a login key with this unique random key you generated.
  3. If the unique random key is different than someone else is trying to access the account.
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Is there some code that only runs at install time, or is that logic that we must implement (e.g. using a conditional statement on every load)? – snapfractalpop Nov 9 '12 at 18:20

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