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Using the didInsertElement hook, I'm able to do some jQuery plugin initialization that is needed. However, if a property changes, Ember re-renders the view, but does not call didInsertElement again. Presumably this is because the element is already on the DOM and only certain pieces have changed.

My question is, is there a method I can override, or some other way to access what's been rendered to the DOM by an Ember.View AFTER its actually inserted into the DOM?

I attempted to use afterRender, but it did not work.

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Did you try willRerender hook ? – Mike Aski Mar 1 '12 at 10:01
willRerender will not work for this – Sam Saffron Aug 22 '12 at 1:33
you can decompose another child view and force it in or out of the page, they you can get the didInsertElement on it ... – Sam Saffron Aug 22 '12 at 1:34

I came up with a slightly unusual way of tackling this problem. You can make a handlebars helper that fires an event when the view portion is re-rendered. I was using Bootstrap and jqPlot and needed to be able to tell, say, when the div was available to draw a chart into. With my helper you can do this:

{{#if dataIsLoaded}}
    {{trigger didRenderChartDiv}}
    <div id="chartHost"></div>
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You could also hook into the childViews array and observe changes on that.

Something like this works but I don't think it's a good performance practice.

childViewsArrayDidChange: function() {
  console.log("childViews-Array did change");
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Not working in Ember CLI as of posting this comment. Solution looks great, just doesn't work. – Ash Blue Jan 8 at 0:15

Not sure if the question is still valid since it's been a while. but no answer was selected. I ran into a similar problem where I want to show a form based on a controller property. Once the form is displayed I would like to run some javascript to bind event handlers.

The Javascript however did not bind the event handlers properly since the elements were not displayed when the didInsertElement was triggered.

My solution is the following,

Controller & View

App.FormController  = Ember.Controller.extend({

    myViewVisible : false,

    actions : {

        toggleForm : function(){
            console.log( this.get('myViewVisible') );


App.FormView    = Ember.View.extend({


    didInsertElement : function(){
        // Do JS stuff


And the template

  <script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="form">
      <button {{action 'toggleForm'}}>Toggle form</button>
      {{#if myViewVisible}}
        {{partial "tform"}}
      <p>Click button to show form</p>

The view binds a property of the controller. Once that property changes the isVisible function kicks in and rerenders the view. Causing the didInsertElement to fire again and binding the JS code to the DOM elements that are now available.

Hope this helps.

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Sorry some [...] moderator deleted my original answer even though it was upvoted... shm

Original answer: Take a look at this article by Yehuda Katz It's old and some of the code needs modification to work with Ember's current api, but it's a good example on how to integrate outside frameworks and plugins with Ember.

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I fixed the same issue like this:; //force applying bindings
//run after 100ms your code () {
  //your code
}, 100);

EDIT: Since this is an old answer, it might be obsolete in the current EmberJS release

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Where did you put this code? And this 100ms doesn't sound like the "right" way this should be done.. I hope emberjs has a didRerenderElement hook. – Kazim Zaidi Nov 21 '12 at 11:28

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