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i cant cast postgresql interval into TimeSpan

item.TSHours = dr["Hours"] == DBNull.Value ? TimeSpan.Zero : (TimeSpan)dr["Hours"];

is throwing "Specified cast is not valid" but dr["Hours"] got "06:00:00" value :/

what im doing wrong? i was trying few versions of npgsql, but nothing changed.

dr["Hours"] is NpgsqlTypes.NpgsqlInterval


the only way i could make it work is to use
new TimeSpan(((NpgsqlTypes.NpgsqlInterval)dr["Hours"]).TotalTicks)

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At least you can't cast string into TimeSpan directly. This will work:

item.TSHours = dr["Hours"] == DBNull.Value ? TimeSpan.Zero : TimeSpan.Parse(dr["Hours"].ToString());

from npgsql APi docs:

To avoid forcing unnecessary provider-specific concerns on users who need not be concerned with them a call to GetValue on a field containing an NpgsqlInterval value will return a TimeSpan rather than an NpgsqlInterval.

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i was trying like this also, but than i got "The TimeSpan could not be parsed because at least one of the numeric components is out of range or contains too many digits" when for example dr["Hours"] is "73:30:00" –  Cfaniak Mar 1 '12 at 7:25
Ok. I see. Added a tip from npgsql docs. –  Timur Sadykov Mar 1 '12 at 7:46

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