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I need to prepopulate mysql database which is the backend for a Grails Application. This is working fine in local and I need to move to cloud foundry.

I used to prepopulate mysql database in local by executing sql. But now I need to prepopulate the mysql database which is cloud foundry service.

This is what I tried. I installed database migration plugin. Generated the changelog file without any data so that it contains only DDL statements. Then I inserted below code at end of changelog file.

 changeSet(author: "home (generated)", id: "1330581560176-85") {

          sqlFile( path: "config.sql")

Below is the entry for config.

grails.plugin.databasemigration.updateOnStart = true
grails.plugin.databasemigration.updateOnStartFileNames = changelog.groovy

My cloudfoundry app still starts with empty tables. Can anyone point me right direction.

I was able to do this. I was doing database migration wrongly. After reading properly I was able to get this working by putting sqlFile() in changelog.groovy file.

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you can insert your code in the grails-app/cong/Bootstrap.groovy file and at the beginning of your app these codes will be executed.

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I thought of that. Do I need to import any class to execute sqlFile() method. – Shyam Ramineni Mar 1 '12 at 10:23

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