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when i click on a link a pop up is displayed but not a desired location my question is how to set it at a particular location.. my code is

function showPopupforAssignSubject(id)




I have used a third party js in my project thanks in advance

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I have never seen this function but ... maybe

$("#assign_subjects_"+id).css('top', '20px');
$("#assign_subjects_"+id).css('left', '100px');

will do the trick

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From what I can see in the documentation : http://jqframework.com/jqpopup

The jqpopup doesn't support any method that would give let you set a location. It seems to have a jqpopup_toTop() and jqpopup_toCenter() method.

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I just looked at the example in firebug, and it appears to append "_p" to the end of your div's ID.

So this will work

  //set the top left postion of the popup
  $("#assign_subjects_p").css({top:'100px', left:'800px'}); 

Otherwise, this plugin only seems to support toTop(), and toCenter(). I would recommend using a plugin that gives you greater flexibility, such as jquery ui's dialog instead of this.

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