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How can I view my reputation with a Command Prompt script?

(In reply to StackOverflow reputation using PowerShell, because I'm bored as hell.)

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@echo off & setlocal
:: Supports curl, wget, plink, and nc

:: Example: set SoUID=49849
set SoHost=stackoverflow.com

set FlairPath=/users/flair/%SoUID%.json
set FlairURL=http://%SoHost%%FlairPath%
set TempTag=%SoHost%-%SoUID%-%random%
set TempFile=%TEMP%\%TempTag%.json
set Script=%TEMP%\%TempTag%.script
set RawOut=%TEMP%\%TempTag%.out

call :Check curl
if not "%App%"=="" "%App%" -o "%TempFile%" -s "%FlairURL%" & goto :Next

call :Check wget
if not "%App%"=="" "%App%" -O "%TempFile%" -q "%FlairURL%" & goto :Next

call :Check plink
if not "%App%"=="" call :MakeScript & "%App%" -raw %SoHost% -P 80 -batch  "%RawOut%" & goto :NextHdr

call :Check nc
if not "%App%"=="" call :MakeScript & "%App%" %SoHost% 80  "%RawOut%" & goto :NextHdr

>&2 echo curl, wget, plink or netcat not found. Downloading plink from PuTTY site.
set App=%TEMP%\plink.exe
call :Mirror ftp.chiark.greenend.org.uk /users/sgtatham/putty-latest/x86/plink.exe
if not exist "%App%" call :Mirror ftp.samurai.com /pub/putty/putty-latest/x86/plink.exe
if not exist "%App%" call :Mirror ftp.totem.fix.no /pub/mirrors/putty/putty-latest/x86/plink.exe
if not exist "%App%" call :Mirror ftp.ds5.agh.edu.pl /pub/putty/putty-latest/x86/plink.exe
if not exist "%App%" goto :NoApp
call :MakeScript & "%App%" -raw %SoHost% -P 80 -batch  "%RawOut%" & del "%App%" & goto :NextHdr
if exist "%App%" del "%App%"
> "%Script%" echo=lcd "%TEMP%"
>>"%Script%" echo=binary
>>"%Script%" echo=get %~2
>>"%Script%" echo=bye
ftp -s:"%Script%" -A -v -i %~1 > nul 2> nul
goto :EOF
for /f "usebackq tokens=1,* delims=:" %%a in ("%RawOut%") do (
    if [%%a]==[{"id"] set Flair=%%a:%%b & del "%Script%" "%RawOut%" & goto :Next2
>&2 echo Giving up. & goto :EOF
if not exist "%TempFile%" echo Error downloading data. & goto :EOF
set /p Flair=&2 echo Something went bad.
) else (
    if "%SoName%"=="" (
    	echo Your reputation is %SoReputation%.
    ) else (
    	echo Reputation of %SoName% is %SoReputation%.
goto :EOF
if "%~1"=="" goto :EOF
set Line=%~1
if /i "%Line:~0,11%"=="reputation:" (
    set SoReputation=%Line:~11%
    goto :Parse
if /i "%Line:~0,12%"=="displayName:" (
    set SoName=%Line:~12%
    goto :Parse
goto :Parse
set App=
for %%e in (%PATHEXT%) do for %%i in (%1%%e) do if NOT "%%~$PATH:i"=="" set App=%%~$PATH:i
goto :EOF
> "%Script%" echo=GET %FlairPath% HTTP/1.1
>>"%Script%" echo=Host: %SoHost%
>>"%Script%" echo=Connection: close
>>"%Script%" echo=
goto :EOF
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It is a very good example about how powershell improves windows command line scripts –  eKek0 Jun 4 '09 at 15:23

In a command prompt window type:

start iexplore http://stackoverflow.com/users/flair/{your UID here}.html
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Except iexplore is not in the path by default. –  grawity Jun 4 '09 at 16:23
It is on every windows box I have access to. XP, Vista, 2003, 7 –  Hardwareguy Jun 4 '09 at 19:47
If iexplore is left out then it will open in the default browser, e.g. Opera or Firefox. –  Peter Mortensen Sep 8 '09 at 12:09

There is more elaborate data for users available via (JSON):


You could get some interesting data by parsing that string. Jon Skeet uses that for his rep tracker.

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