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How do you measure length of an html page and redirect to home page if its size is less than 1000 characters with Java?

In my case there a page of a form indexed by the google no longer exist and I want to be aware how to redirect all such mostly blank pages to homepage. It's installed to a hosting of another company therefore there some limitations to test something else.

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There is a lot of possible solutions - do you dare to tell about technology you use for serving webpages? –  Konstantin Pribluda Mar 1 '12 at 7:07

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Here is one way to do it:

  1. Use a library like Apache a HttpComponent (here is an example) or standard java URLConnection
  2. Fire a Get/Post (which ever applicable).
  3. Get the response and measure its length.


  1. Fire a Head request.
  2. Get the response and measure the value of Content-Length header in response.
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