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I've not used PHP much (or at all) before, and I have the following code:

$val = $_GET['ID'];
echo "<iframe src='sitename.com.au/directory/app/pagename.cfm?memberid='$val'    width='100%' scrolling='vertical'></iframe>";

I think that should be ok to take a URL variable and pass it to an Iframe url...my issue is that when I hit the page this is on instead of it being:




I don't know where that slash before /?ID is coming from - but I believe it is causing my problem - the iframe displaying a page not found message.

Any advice appreciated.



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iFrames just take a url - and parameters can be embedded in urls just fine.

The problem, if I understand the question clearly, is that you're mixing up your quotes:

 echo "<iframe src='sitename.com.au/directory/app/pagename.cfm?memberid='$val'
        width='100%' scrolling='vertical'></iframe>";

will be outputted as

 <iframe src='sitename.com.au/directory/app/pagename.cfm?memberid=' 21254545' 
  width='100%' scrolling='vertical'></iframe>

where 21254545 is an attribute of the iframe instead of part of the url.

Assuming that you don't actually need the quotes in the url, change the echo line to:

echo "<iframe src='sitename.com.au/directory/app/pagename.cfm?memberid=$val' width='100%' scrolling='vertical'></iframe>";

And it should work.

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Thanks MackieChan! - appreciate the help! –  Simon Mar 1 '12 at 8:29
  • Add http:// before sitename.com.au/
  • Change memberid='$val' to memberid=$val' [remove that single quote on left of $val]
   $val = $_GET['ID'];
   echo "<iframe src='sitename.com.au/directory/app/pagename.cfm?memberid=$val' width='100%' scrolling='vertical'></iframe>";
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Thanks Makesh - works a charm - –  Simon Mar 1 '12 at 8:29
@Simon : You are welcome :) –  Makesh Mar 1 '12 at 9:49

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