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I am using android x86 gingerbread live cd, when i am tring to give ip address by Alt + F1

su ifconfig "ip address" eth0 up

Its showing

SIOCSIFADDR(no such device)

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I found the solution,If you are tring to configure ethernet to get internet the you need to follow following steps in android-x86 froyo:
1.<kbd>Alt + F1 </kbd>
2.ifconfig eth0 "Ip address" netmask ""
3.route add default gw "default gateway" dev eth0
4.setprop net.dns "dns server"
5.setprop net.gprs.http-proxy http://"proxy address"

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The x86 live cd does currently not support wired networks.

See the changelog:

Known issues

Suspend and resume doesn't work on some targets.

No Ethernet support.

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Is this is a version issue? – user1011455 Mar 2 '12 at 8:26

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