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I need to get ALL user likes at once without pagination.

I could hit: ...however, is there a limit to the # of objects returned by facebook? if so, what is that limit and can it be overwritten?

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The default limit is something like 25 results. You can specify a limit by providing a limit parameter to facebook:

Checkout the API Documentation under the heading "Paging".

That said, there's never a guarantee that you'll get all the likes at once, even if you set the limit parameter to be greater than or equal to the number of likes on an object.

On top of that, you'll often find that the number of likes reported on the Facebook website or by the Graph API is higher than what you can get by fetching the /likes connection in the Graph API. I'm trying (and failing) to find the SO question that talked about why that is, but if I remember right that number sometimes includes shares and other actions, not just likes.

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You should use the pagination to page thru all the data that the Graph API can return.

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