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What solutions exist for screen scraping a site over SSL for use with .NET?

My use case is that I need to login to a partner website (https), navigate through a dynamic hierarchy, and download a zipped file of reports.

I certainly could use other screen scrapers if there are no good viable options in .NET, either though the framework or OSS.

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Perhaps consider WATIN to simulate navigating or WebClient if you can find the items yourself and simulate the logic.

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WatiN worked great. I would have shot myself if I had to parse out all of the HTML elements manually. –  Even Mien Jun 10 '09 at 18:09

The gold standard for screen scraping in .NET is the HTML Agility Pack.

As far as retrieving pages over HTTPS, try this article:

(As mentioned by other answers, you may actually be after automation rather than screen scraping, in which case you may be better off with WatiN, a framework orginally designed for automated web testing, but plenty flexible enough for what you want)

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You can certainly do this with HttpWebRequest, but keeping track of the cookies used for logging in may be non-trivial. I would recommend using watir (ruby) or watin (c#). Both will handle all of that for you.

From the WatiN website, here is an example:

public void SearchForWatiNOnGoogle()
 using (IE ie = new IE("http://www.google.com"))

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I've heard of people hosting the browser in their program, and scraping with jQuery. Seems great to me since jQuery is great for searching the DOM.

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