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I am currently working on an application which is parsing some JSON data in the APPdelegate class when the location is changed.

My question is: " How is the most appropriate way doing it ?" Currently when it is parsing the data the application is "frozen" until the data has been loaded.

I need some advice :)


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There are several ways of course, including NSThread, NSOperation and old-fashioned libpthread. But what I find the most convenient (especially for simple background tasks) is libdispatch also called Grand Central Dispatch.

Using dispatch queues you can quickly delegate a time-consuming task to a separate thread (or more precisely, execution queue - GCD decides whether it's a thread or an asynchronous task). Here's the simplest example:

// create a dispatch queue, first argument is a C string (note no "@"), second is always NULL
dispatch_queue_t jsonParsingQueue = dispatch_queue_create("jsonParsingQueue", NULL);

// execute a task on that queue asynchronously
dispatch_async(jsonParsingQueue, ^{
    [self doSomeJSONReadingAndParsing];

    // once this is done, if you need to you can call
    // some code on a main thread (delegates, notifications, UI updates...)
    dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{
        [self.viewController updateWithNewData];

// release the dispatch queue

The above code will read JSON data in a separate execution queue, not blocking the UI thread. This is just a simple example and there's a lot more to GCD, so take a look at the documentation for more info.

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Nice way doing it :) i will look more into it :) – Roskvist Mar 1 '12 at 8:03

Use NSOperation to handle it.

You may follow this tutorial:

And apple document:

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Thanks i will look into it :) – Roskvist Mar 1 '12 at 8:04

You will want to use NSURConnections and fetch data asynchronously (or a third party library like ASIHTTPRequest) to bring your data. If you do everything in your main thread your User Interface will freeze till it handles dowloading&parsing ect. So, take a look at iOS Multithreading. And a last point, Locations Sample code of Apple gives exactly what you want:)

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