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I need to use the same set of code in 4 view controllers. I am writing this code in -(void)viewWillAppear.

Is there any possibility that I can write this code once and use it in all 4 view controllers?

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You could make a subclass of UIViewController with the common code, and then change each of your existing UIViewController subclasses to be a subclass of that new class.

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this works fine for me....but i have a small doubt. If i add one more method to the base class and we use it only for 2 view controllers out of 4 which we used our base class in ...........Will it lead to any memory managing problem?? –  chandu nhyt Mar 1 '12 at 9:20

You can create a static class and call the method from there:

@interface myClass : NSObject

//Do my stuff  

And then you call the method from wherever you want:

[myClass myMethod];
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Write the code in viewWillAppear in a custom class which subclass of UIViewController.

Then create that 4 classes by subclassing of your custom class. And call [super viewWillAppear].

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