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I'm updating my Facebook apps to the new 810px width.

The problem is that Facebook don't seem to center the iframe containing my app.

Here's a screenshot of my 810px app

enter image description here

Is this only happening to me?

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possible duplicate of New timeline application tab width and logo – DMCS Mar 1 '12 at 21:13

No it's happening to me as well. How did you get the tab to set at 810px. I was using firebug to test. Is there a setting i'm missing or is that what you did as well?

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Never mind on the width thing. I found my answer here: facebook.stackoverflow.com/questions/9504867/… Still not centered though. – krazymatty Mar 1 '12 at 8:55

There is an option under the developer section when you edit app to change it to 810pix wide. But the same problem is with me, i cant make it to the center either. I guess 779px width of my div to the left will make it look in center for the time being. Please let us know if anyone find a fix for it.

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This was a bug and is now fixed.

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