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I have a div with a computed width of 400px and I want to insert many child divs inside it and all of the child divs have a table-cell display and they are all 200px wide.

However rather than getting to divs per row, they are expanding the size of the parent div. Is there a way to make them automatically start filling the next rows, etc. instead?

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Can we see your code? – BoltClock Mar 1 '12 at 8:37

Are you have to use table-cell property for child divs? If you havent..

<div style="width:400px; overflow:auto;">
    <div style="width:200px; float:left;">div 1</div>
    <div style="width:200px; float:left;">div 2</div>
    <div style="width:200px; float:left;">div 3</div>
    <div style="width:200px; float:left;">div 4</div>
    <div style="width:200px; float:left;">div 5</div>

JSFiddle at

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Div's are display:block; by default, you can css your inside div's with display:inline; or display:inline-block; if you want the save the block behavior. Another way to do that is to give your inside div's the css float:left; or float:right;

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He's using display: table and display: table-cell. – BoltClock Mar 1 '12 at 8:48
I know... i gave him second option with floats – udidu Mar 1 '12 at 8:56

Add table-layout:fixed to the parent div (the one with display:table). This will only work if you set the width on that div to something other than auto.

Oh, you might also want to add word-wrap: break-word.

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