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I have a submit_tag like;

<%=submit_tag "complete", :disable_with => "please wait...", :id => "complete", :name => "complete", :confirm => "Do you want to complete?"%>

I 'm using this button for ending an exam. And in form i have a counter for exam duration. If time is up im automatically finishing the exam. Also user can finish his/her exam with this button before time is up.


If button is clicked and isn't comfirmed when time is up. User can press cancel and form hangs. I want to handle cancel event of submission to redirect user to home again.

Any idea?


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The cancel action should be taking them back to the page the original Complete button is on. Have you overridden the jquery-ujs.js allowAction: function(element) section somehow? – ScottJShea Mar 1 '12 at 10:22
@ScottJShea no i didnt override it. I think problem is mistaken. User can press cancel button. It is taking back to the page. Page must be redirected to another after time is up. But when if time is up submission window is open and user clicks the cancel button, redirection fails. – Çağdaş Mar 1 '12 at 13:21

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