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I have popup modalbox Iframe which can be open by onclick function using jquery. It's open fine. And in Iframe popup dynamic content is displayed. But it takes some time. I want to put preload image until content of Iframe is displayed. For example:

   $('#preloadingImgDiv').fadeIn('slow', function() {});
   url ='something.php?somethingname='+somethingname+'&somethingid='+somethingid;
   $('#preloadingImgDiv').fadeOut('slow', function(){});

It works. But before coming dynamic content in Iframe popup box, preload image are disappeared.I need preload image is displayed continuously until dynamic content of Iframe popup Modalbox has been come. And another thing, this preload image is needed to display in the middle of content of Iframe popup Modal box.I have design like that div html, Iframe, dynamic content coming in php. how to fix it. I need your hand Thank you

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I'm not sure that i get your question clearly but i think you want to display your loading image untill content is fully loaded. You are calling .fadeIn and .fadeOut at the same time so it becomes visible and invisible before your ajax(or any other) request completed, but you need to call .fadeIn when your loading request started and .fadeOut when it's completed.

Here is a question and answer like yours: http://stackoverflow.com/a/4240660/1241723

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How to put preload image in Iframe popup modal box.I have shown the content of Iframe like url ='something.php?somename='+somename+'&someid='+someid; $("#socialprofilemymodal").attr('src',url); Here when I use $.ajax({ }), It cann't open Iframe popup modalbox. – Ankan Bhadra Mar 1 '12 at 10:18

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