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im trying to post to the wall of facebook with mp3 attachment doing the following:

      var attachment = new JsonObject();
        attachment.Add("name", "Core4");
        attachment.Add("href", "");
        attachment.Add("description", description);

        var media = new JsonObject();
        media.Add("type", "mp3");
        media.Add("src", "");
        media.Add("href", "");
        var mediaArray = new JsonArray();
        attachment.Add("media", mediaArray);

        var result = _fbClient.Post("/me/feed", attachment);

post get posted but the mp3 player doesnt show! i tried everything, any one have any idea why this is happening ?

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Could you please post a link to an example Facebook post that does have an MP3 link in a flash player? I've never seen that on Facebook and am always willing to learn. – DMCS Mar 1 '12 at 14:10
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This works....

var attachment = new JsonObject();
var media = new[]{
        src = filePath,
        title= "title", 
        artist= "art", 
        album= "album"
//var mediaArray = new JsonArray { media };
attachment.Add("name", "sfs");
attachment.Add("href", "");
attachment.Add("caption", " asdas");
attachment.Add("description", description);
attachment.Add("target_id", "1231231");
attachment.Add("media", media);

var sb = new StringBuilder("");
sb.Append("message="); sb.Append(description + "&");
var req = WebRequest.Create(sb.ToString());
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