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I have maven project which contains two modules: jar and war. war-module depends on jar:


Early I used org.codehaus.mojo tomcat-maven-plugin plugin to deploy my single war project by command:

mvn tomcat:deploy

But here this command doesn't work. How I can deploy war project in multi modules case?

Solution was found: How can I deploy multiple wars using the tomcat plugin in maven?

I added this in my child war project's pom.xml:


And on parent project I can run:

mvn package tomcat:deploy
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The best approach is to create a new module which contains the configuration for the tomcat-maven-plugin and may be (depending on your needs) it might be wise to create a separate profile for deployment in this case.

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I have parent pom.xml file. Can I place this configuration here? Could you write example of this configuration? – CHEM_Eugene Mar 1 '12 at 9:10
I can recommend to read the following:… (this contains a full example for integration testing). But it used cargo2-maven-plugin instead of the tomcat plugin. But you can use the cargo2-plugin as well to deploy to tomcat. If you prefer to stick with the maven-tomcat-plugin you can use the mod-it module and change the configuration appropriately. (Here is some description about it: – khmarbaise Mar 1 '12 at 9:45

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