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Building on Paul Irish's HTML5BP protocol specific urls, I want to implement path dependent relative urls, in the sense that the "relativity" of the path to another media/page within the same depends on the current document's distance from the root.

For example;

I have all my includes (css/images/js) located at http://www.example.com/cdn/, and I have several pages which include them at http://www.example.com/level-1/level-2/level-3/.

That's 3 levels below the root folder, which means I need ../../../ three levels of relative protocol prefixed (not sure what ../ is called technically).

Rather than add ../../../ to each href or src, I'd much rather use javascript to prep-end the correct amount of relative protocol to the url based on the document's current path.

I was planning on using the document.window.location object, however when using it on jsFiddle I realized that it returned the href http://fiddle.jshell.net which is not the url displayed in the browser.

On to my two part question:

A) Is it safe to use the document.window.location object in this manner if I'm building a theme/template that will be installed by multiple users (however all with a LAMP set-up).

B) Do any popular libraries exist that already do this?

TL:DR; How do I change a href or src contained url's, relative protocol (../) based on the current document's distance from the root (path level)?

Any and all answers would be greatly appreciated!

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location.pathname.match(/\//g).length returns amount of slashes used in url

document doesn't have window property (at least in Firefox on this site).

jsfiddle uses iframes for each block, thus you may need window.top.location instead of window.location

Hope, this is enough for solving your problem.

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Brilliant answer :). I've noticed that document doesn't have a window property when I attempted to run a script on my site just now which was interesting. I didn't realize that window was an object of it's own. In any case, thanks :). –  Avicinnian Mar 1 '12 at 10:52

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