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I created an excel file using OpenXML. But when I try to open the created xlsx, this error message was displayed. "The converter failed to save the file"

I already installed this "FileFormatConverters.exe"

Here is my code: Using sp As SpreadsheetDocument = SpreadsheetDocument.Create("C:\OpenXML.xlsx", SpreadsheetDocumentType.Workbook) Dim wBookPart As WorkbookPart = sp.AddWorkbookPart

        Dim wBook As Workbook = New Workbook

        Dim sheet As Sheet = New Sheet
        Dim sheets As Sheets = New Sheets

        sheet.Name = "TestSheet"
        sheet.Id = "r1d1"

        wBookPart.Workbook = wBook

        Dim wSheetPart As WorksheetPart
        wSheetPart = wBookPart.AddNewPart(Of WorksheetPart)("r1d1")

        Dim wSheet As Worksheet = New Worksheet
        Dim sData As SheetData = New SheetData

        Dim row1 As Row = New Row
        Dim cell1 As Cell = New Cell
        cell1.DataType = CellValues.InlineString
        cell1.CellReference = "A1"

        Dim iString As InlineString = New InlineString
        Dim txt As Text = New Text
        txt.Text = "hello test"

        wSheetPart.Worksheet = wSheet

    End Using
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The error is related to a problem with the Compatibility Pack, verify you can open other .xlsx files ok. For more info (i'm having a related issue) find my question (+ part solutions) on Super User –  HaydnWVN Apr 5 '12 at 11:51

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