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I want to make something like this: But I want to change the lines and give them a stroke of a color I choose.

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The color and the thickness of the lines are defined by the <LineStyle> node in the resulting KML file. You can easily change them.


Just remember that the encoding of the four hex bytes for the color is a bit unusual:   Alpha, B, G, R

So 660000FF is Red (#FF on position 4) with an alpha-transparency of about 26% (#66 on position 1).

The KML reference with all the details can be found here:

The Birdtheme Google Maps tool (your link) allows you to directly play around with the LineStyles by simply clicking the "Style options" button!


If you need multiple outlines around a polygon path (i.e. highway style) you can paint the same polygon multiple times with different widths and colors. Here is a rough example how this could be implemented:

<Style id="outerLine">
<Style id="innerLine">

  <LineString><coordinates>6.0,48.0,0  18.0,50.0,0  16.0,41.0,0</coordinates></LineString>
  <LineString><coordinates>6.0,48.0,0  18.0,50.0,0  16.0,41.0,0</coordinates></LineString>

With this technique the inner line is painted on top of the outer line. Unfortunately this limits the possibilities of making the whole ensemble semi-transparent: If you make the inner line semi-transparent it will not only show the background but also the color of the outer line shining through.

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I understan but is it possible to add like a line within a line? i want like a solid line and an opaque line thicker than it – Ahmed Nassar Mar 3 '12 at 14:28
See my edit above! (sorry for the delay - I was on vacation) – Jpsy Mar 12 '12 at 12:38

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