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I want to generate a list (dropdown) with habtm relationship. For example I have a table called "users" another called "vehicles" and "users_vehicles".

What I want is to get vehicles assigned to "x" user and put it in a drop-down. How can I achieve this?

class User extends AppModel {

   var $hasAndBelongsToMany = array('Vehicle');

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This is one way, there a probably several others.

$result = $this->User->Vehicle->find('all', array(
    'recursive' => -1,
    'conditions' => array('Ownership.user_id' => 66),
    'fields' => array('Vehicle.*','Ownership.*'),
    'joins' => array(
    		'table' => 'users_vehicles',
    		'alias' => 'Ownership',
    		'type' => 'LEFT',
    		'foreignKey' => false,
    		'conditions'=> 'Vehicle.id = Ownership.vehicle_id'
$list = Set::combine($result,'{n}.Vehicle.id','{n}.Vehicle.name');
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$options['conditions']['Ownership.vehicle_id'] = $x;
$options['joins'] = array(
                                  'table' => 'ownership',
                                             'alias' => 'Ownership',
                                             'type'  => 'Left',
                                             'conditions' => 'Vehicle.id = Ownership.vehicle_id'
$this->set('vehicles', $this->Vehicle->find('list', $options));
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worked for me. Thx! – fabianpimminger Jan 5 '12 at 12:13

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