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I'm not looking to add my app to the "open in..." list, but to get the list itself. And sending the file to another app.

I'm working on internal communication app, so when user receive a file attachment, s/he can open the file with whatever app is installed on each devices...

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UIDocumentInteractionController *controller = [UIDocumentInteractionController interactionControllerWithURL:[NSURL fileURLWithPath:appFile]];
        self.controller.delegate = self;
CGRect navRect = self.view.frame;
[self.controller presentOptionsMenuFromRect:navRect inView:self.view animated:YES];

Implement following UIDocumentInteractionControllerDelegate methods

#pragma mark - UIDocumentInteractionControllerDelegate

- (UIViewController *)documentInteractionControllerViewControllerForPreview:(UIDocumentInteractionController *)controller
    return self;

- (UIView *)documentInteractionControllerViewForPreview:(UIDocumentInteractionController *)controller
    return self.view;

- (CGRect)documentInteractionControllerRectForPreview:(UIDocumentInteractionController *)controller
    return self.view.frame;
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