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I'm using Maven 3 to handle a (large) project. This project defines a set of REST services, using Scala, Akka and the Spray framework. Each service is defined as an independent project, producing a WAR thanks to the "mvn package" command.

I have to "assemble" these different services into a "system", that is, a subset of these services to be deployed for a given purpose, in a single WAR. Maven WAR overlay works good as a first impression: simply create a new project, and add the services to be included as dependencies.


It works well, and the classes contained in the independent services are included in the final WAR.

jar tf target/net.modelbased.sensapp.system.envision-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war 

But ... The Spray framework requires the implementation of a bootstrap, that is, a class that load the implemented services. This file has to be compiled, as it is a plain scala class. But it looks like maven did not includes the WAR dependencies in the compilation classpath.

I saw the WARpath plugin ( ... But It does not look more or less outdated. Is there a "standard" way of doing what I'd like to do (i.e., include a WAr in the compilation classpath).

Ps. One of the requirement of the project is that each service MUST be deployable as an independent artifact. A solution could be to implement the core of the service as a JAR project, and also provide a WAR project that includes a refarence to the JAR and the associated config file. But it will multiply by 2 the number of project defined, which is not optimal in a way ...

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The solution you propose looks good.

You can build a jar from your classes, and then build a war using this jar as a dependency.

You probably can also do this in one single project, I can see no need for two different projects.

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You can use the configuration of the maven-war-plugin which offers you a way to create a separate jar file out of the files from src/main/java. You have to add the configuration items:


This will create a separate jar file with the classifier classes which can be used as a usual dependency.

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