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I am building an iPhone app with MonoTouch and it gets its data from a web service.

The trouble I am having is that the first screen gets a list of say countries. When the user selects a country it should then retrieve the list of cities from the web service only for that selected country... Once a city is selected, the user is then taken through 2-3 more screens to add additional details like text, dates etc and there is a confirmation screen on the end where all the data is collected and posted to the web service.

I am struggling to find an optimum solution and determine if this can be achieved with MonoTouch.Dialog or if I should be using standard UINavigation views.

I have tried the first list with dialog and it successfully lists the countries that can be selected and they show an empty view when selected with a back button, however I am stuck in trying to find a way to populate that next view.

Any help please?


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There are several samples available for MonoTouch.Dialog, starting with it's own Sample application that will show you how to use every elements (and multiple levels).

Another one is Touch.Unit that shows something similar to what you want to do, i.e. it initialize its UI from a list of TestSuite (instead of countries) and, when selected, shows a list of TestCase (instead of cities). That should be very close to what you're trying to achieve.

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Thanks poupou that led me down the right path! – user1242297 Mar 5 '12 at 1:03

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