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I'm trying to do a simple sprintf like this:

snprintf(dest, maxlen_dest, "%'lu", along);

Note the quote: ' in the string.

This means (according to the manual):

' For decimal conversion (i, d, u, f, F, g, G) the output is to be grouped with thousands’ grouping characters if the locale information indicates any. Note that many versions of gcc(1) cannot parse this option and will issue a warning. SUSv2 does not include %'F.

So when I compile, I get this warning:

../common/utils.c:29: warning: ISO C does not support the ''' printf flag
../common/utils.c:29: warning: ISO C does not support the ''' printf flag

So, my question is: is there a function that "supports the ''' printf flag" I could use?

I want my output to be like:

51 254 234
 1 424 000

Here's my Makefile (in case there's some options I should modify):

CC = gcc 
# -g = all debug options
CFLAGS = -g -I../common -W -Wall -pedantic -std=c99
OBJECTS = o/main.o o/opts.o o/verif_liens_bidirectionnels.o o/ecriture.o o/plugin_utils.o o/plugin_algo_groupes.o ../common/o/cell.o ../common/o/utils.o ../common/o/verif.o ../common/o/lecture.o

gen : $(OBJECTS)
  $(CC) -o gen $(OBJECTS) $(CFLAGS) -lm -lgd -lz

o/main.o : main.c
  $(CC) -o $@ -c main.c $(CFLAGS)

o/opts.o : opts.c opts.h
  $(CC) -o $@ -c opts.c $(CFLAGS)

o/verif_liens_bidirectionnels.o : verif_liens_bidirectionnels.c verif_liens_bidirectionnels.h
  $(CC) -o $@ -c verif_liens_bidirectionnels.c $(CFLAGS)

o/ecriture.o : ecriture.c ecriture.h
  $(CC) -o $@ -c ecriture.c $(CFLAGS)

o/plugin_utils.o : plugin_utils.c plugin_utils.h
  $(CC) -o $@ -c plugin_utils.c $(CFLAGS)

o/plugin_algo_groupes.o : plugin_algo_groupes.c plugin_algo_groupes.h
  $(CC) -o $@ -c plugin_algo_groupes.c $(CFLAGS)

../common/o/cell.o : ../common/cell.c ../common/cell.h
  $(CC) -o $@ -c ../common/cell.c $(CFLAGS)

../common/o/utils.o : ../common/utils.c ../common/utils.h
  $(CC) -o $@ -c ../common/utils.c $(CFLAGS)

../common/o/verif.o : ../common/verif.c ../common/verif.h
  $(CC) -o $@ -c ../common/verif.c $(CFLAGS)

../common/o/lecture.o : ../common/lecture.c ../common/lecture.h
  $(CC) -o $@ -c ../common/lecture.c $(CFLAGS)

clean :
  rm $(OBJECTS)
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You could add

../common/o/utils.o : CFLAGS := $(filter-out -pedantic,$(CFLAGS))

to the makefile, which should suppress the warning for the specific file.

If you don't want to rely on non-standard libc extensions, you'll have to implement the functionality yourself...

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may I ask you to tell me exactly what to change in the Makefile? I've tried something like o/plugin_utils.o : plugin_utils.c plugin_utils.h CFLAGS = $(filter-out -pedantic,$(CFLAGS)) but it didn't work –  Olivier Pons Mar 2 '12 at 10:32
@Oliver: just paste the line above verbatim into the makefile, eg just before the actual rule (see gnu.org/software/make/manual/make.html#Target_002dspecific ); do not change the := to = (you want a simply expanded variable as you reference the same variable in its definition), do not try joining the rules... –  Christoph Mar 2 '12 at 12:48
Thank you very much indeed, you made my day! –  Olivier Pons Mar 2 '12 at 14:07

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