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Okay. I know the problem, and I'll try to describe it, but I cannot for the life of me find the answer, to the question.

Okay, so, my bot will connect to the server fine. But this specific server you have to wait for this:

:vervet.foonetic.net 001 Eve :Welcome to the Foonetic IRC Network Eve!~Eve@*-*-*-*.*.*.*.net<br />
:vervet.foonetic.net 002 Eve :Your host is vervet.foonetic.net, running version Unreal3.2.8.1<br />
:vervet.foonetic.net 003 Eve :This server was created Thu Feb 24 2011 at 00:34:28 EST<br />

Pay attention to the first line. "001". My bot needs to wait for that line to show up before it can run the JOIN command. It won't D: I've tried making a while(){} before the while(1){}, I've tried a do{}while(), and a simple if(). I am not the best PHP scripter so, bare with me. But yes, any help is appreciated.

Here's my code.


    $conf = array('server' => 'irc.foonetic.net', 'port' => '6667', 'channel' => '#lingubender', 'nick' => 'Eve', 'name' => 'EveBot_1.0', 'description' => 'An IRC bot created by PHP scripter Kinz');
    $replies = array('ver' => 'Eve 1.0', 'part' => 'Good-bye!', 'quit' => 'Shutting down. Talk to you all later!', 'regUsername' => 'example@yahoo.com', 'regPassword' => 'Example');   

    $socket = fsockopen($conf['server'], $conf['port']);
    fputs($socket, "USER ".$conf['nick'].' '.$conf['description'].' '.$conf['nick'].' :'.$conf['name']."\n");
    fputs($socket, "NICK ".$conf['nick']."\n");
    fputs($socket, "JOIN ".$conf['channel']."\n");

    while(1) {
        while($data = fgets($socket, 128)) {
            echo nl2br($data);

            $grip = explode(' ', $data);

            if ($grip[0] == "PING") {
                fputs($socket, "PONG ".$grip[1]."\n");

            $chan = $grip[2];
            $command = str_replace(array(chr(10), chr(13)), '', $grip[3]);

            if ($command == ":eve" || $command == ":eve,") {
                fputs($socket, "PRIVMSG ".$chan." :Name recognition acknowledged.\n");

                $ex = $grip[4];

                switch($ex) {
                    case "shutdown":
                        fputs($socket, "QUIT ".$replies['quit']."\n");
                    case "version":
                        fputs($socket, "PRIVMSG ".$chan[2]." :".$replies['ver'].' : '.$conf['description']." \n");
            } else {
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You can do a while loop with fgets until you get the data you need from the socket right after connecting. –  Yaniro Mar 1 '12 at 10:35

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Well, in this particular example, test if $grip[1] == "001".

Also, don't loop for while (1) as it will never end. Loop for while (!feof($socket)), which will terminate the loop the moment the link is dead.

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Hmm. I'll try that real quick, thanks. –  Kinz Mar 1 '12 at 10:36
Ahh, yes! It worked! Thank you very much. –  Kinz Mar 1 '12 at 10:38
@ZavDom: No problem, don't forget to accept the answer as correct in order to close the question. –  Second Rikudo Mar 1 '12 at 10:43

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