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I have a problem retrieving data from my associative array.

To be clear, this is what my code is:

var modelTable = {};

Then I save something to the object:

//inside getJSON-call:
$.each(data.Models, function (index, val) {
    modelTable[val.Name] = val;

In in this case, val is just a json object:

    Models : [
            Name: "4-stroke (EBE)",
            ModelNumber: "VRE",
            Engine: "125ccm"

But when I try to fetch data from my modelTable like this:

var model = modelTable["4-stroke (EBE)"];

The object is null or undefined, according to IE's developer tools:

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'Name': object is null or undefined 

Edit: Large code-snippets:

It's basically two input fields for searching (with jQuery UI autocomplete; not important). First box, is used to select a motorcycle brand (make), then second is populated when a brand is selected and contains a name for the model. The value (javascript .text()) of the second input field is used to find all the specific data in modelTable, because I need those data to submit my search form.

$(function () {
    if ($('#mc_search').length) {

var modelTable = {};

function init_mc_makes() {
    //populates the brand drop down list in jquery ui autocomplete

function init_mc_models() {
    //populates the model drop down list in jquery ui autocomplete
    //and iterates the json data to save associative data in modelTable
    //calls submitSearch(name, brand)

function submitSearch(name, brand) {
    var model = modelTable[name];
    var chosenModelNumber = model.ModelNumber; //Unable to get value of the property 'ModelNumber': object is null or undefined 
    //submits form with data...
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Not enough code. Obviously modelTable is not in scope when you attempt to access it so you need to make it be, but without a larger snippet we can't tell you how exactly. – Jon Mar 1 '12 at 10:40
You mean that data has that JSON value right ? not val – Gaby aka G. Petrioli Mar 1 '12 at 10:41
@Jon modelTable is declared on top level scope (not in dom-ready). I will add more code then. – KristianB Mar 1 '12 at 11:01
IE7 does not support JSON, it's available IE8+. – Teemu Mar 1 '12 at 11:05

If the code you're showing is executed after dom-ready, the $() callback will be executed synchronously. For example, the output of this code:

$(function () { console.log(1); });

depends on whether it's executed before the DOM is ready (it will first output 2, and then later – when the DOM is finally ready – 1) or after it's ready (in that case, it will output 1, then 2).

I suspect that your code is only executed when the DOM is ready (e.g. it's in an asynchronously loaded file, or is itself wrapped in a $() call). Whether or not this happens may indeed depend on the browser that's used, as things like availability of the defer attribute on script tags or how fast the DOM is constructed can actually influence this. This is just guessing though; it's hard to tell without more context.

If this is correct, however, init_mc_makes() is called immediately; in particular, it's called before the assignment

modelTable = {}

is made. Due to variable hoisting, modelTable already exists at this point, but it is undefined.

If this theory is correct, moving

var modelTable = {};

above the $(...) call should fix the issue.

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