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I'm using AssetCompress v0.5 from the 1.3 branch and the dynamic built is not working. I've done the following so far:

  1. Downloaded and copied the asset_compress folder into my app/plugins folder
  2. Copied the config.ini and renamed it to app/config/asset_compress.ini
  3. Created 2 CSS and JS bundles named public and logged (so 4 in total)
  4. Added AssetCompress.AssetCompress in my $helpers array in my AppController
  5. Changed my default.ctp layout file to: echo $this->AssetCompress->css('public'); echo $this->AssetCompress->css('logged'); (same for ->script())

The output error is:

Error: The requested address '/asset_compress/assets/get/public.css' was not found on this server.

What am I missing?

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I did the same yesterday in 1.3 - and it worked beautifully. what does your config file currently state? –  mark Mar 1 '12 at 11:35
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Ok, I figured it out. It was because I was using the CssMin filter and I did not download it and put it into the vendor folder. As the plugin seems to be turning the debug level to 0, I did not see the error, until I put a Configure::write('debug', 2); into the beforeFilter().

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