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Using the function from:

public static byte[] encryptStringToBytes_AES(string plainText, byte[] Key, byte[] IV)

As you can see it returns a byte array, I want to convert the byte array to a string.

How can I convert it from a byte array to string and visa versa?

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If you don't care how it's stored, an easy way is to use:

Convert byte array into string: Convert.ToBase64String(YourByteArray) and
Convert string into byte array: Convert.FromBase64String(YourString).
This will give a concise, printable ASCII representation of the byte array.

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This can help you a lot, is about to converting into Hex format but can be very usefull

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ASCII is a 7-bit code. It isn't going to work on 8-bit AES ciphertext. – erickson Jun 4 '09 at 16:34

While using Rijndael Encryption i faced this problem, it returns encrypted byte[] (array), Convert byte[] to string;

 myStringVariable= Convert.ToBase64String(myEncryptedByteArray);  

Convert string to byte[];

byte[] bytes = Convert.FromBase64String(myStringVariable);   

For more about Rijndael

Cheers !!!

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