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I need to check if a user (visitor) liked my Facebook page ( a page created in Facebook) when he is visiting my site. so as a example if he liked my Facebook page I show him some content. otherwise I show him "please liked"

I tried may methods on the net but not worked any. Please if anyone provide me full code, that will be great

Ps: Please this is NOT ( ) What I'm asking is user must be on my site and the Facebook page need to check (whether user liked or not)

Also if someone know please tell me how I get page id (fb), because it already a name. I tried viewing html of send button to get the page code. but I'm not sure what I have is actual page code or not.

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The easierst way to achieve it is to ask for user_likes permission and then check against your page id.

On getting the pageid you can see it with:

Update: To check if user has liked a specific page you can use this query:

You will still need basic permissions.

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Many thanks for the id, and is there any other way we can do the first one without asking permissions ? – Voo Mar 1 '12 at 11:17
Updated, but the uid column is the only indexable column, so I guess you can't get away without any permissions :) – Alexander Nenkov Mar 1 '12 at 11:40

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